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A Zoologist’s 12 Days of Christmas

janet agamemnon squirrel

And a Happy Newt Year! With all these year-end reviews and top lists, I thought I’d round up some of the coolest vertebrate zoology news (and nerdiest things) I read this year. You know the tune. It goes something like…

On the first day of Christmas, I bought this for myself: a squirrel drinkin’ on a t-shirt.

Okay, for reals now… here are the lyrics, starting at the end. On the twelfth day of Christmas, biologists gave to us:

Cold penguins huddling
Overly honest methods
Techs be pipetting
Nine limericks rhyming
T. rex-es trying
This spy’s gone a-herping
Mouse howls at moon!
Baby reptiles
Three bat calls
Two sequenced snakes
And a spiky new porcupine friend!

janet pippetting

Images: J. Fang by Andrew Moseman


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