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Great tits, yellow-bellied marmots, and other not-entirely-awful news about climate change
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Great tits, yellow-bellied marmots, and other not-entirely-awful news about climate change

From the plight of polar bears (oh, dear polar bears) to yet another mosquito-borne illness (fuck mosquitoes)… there’s a lot of evidence to support that feeling of gloom and doom surrounding the effects of climate change. So I started collecting examples of animals that appear to be taking advantage of — or at least adjusting to — climate change, however short-lived the benefits may be. There are, to my surprise, quite a few studies on vertebrate species moving or expanding to higher latitudes and altitudes, enjoying milder cold seasons or with warmer waters, and displaying awesome feats of flexibility.

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Welcome to Fangea

A little while ago, my friend Monica Albe asked if I was interested in contributing to the MVZ (that’s Museum of Vertebrate Zoology) news. She was in Hawaii at the time, I was in Taiwan, it was Christmastime, and we were distracted. But I love vertebrate zoology, I miss the MVZ, and I’m a fulltime freelancer… so abso-fucking-lutely, duh.

The MVZ Newsletter is a monthly email highlighting faculty achievements, grad student research, publications, upcoming events… those kinds of things. It was launched last month just before Cal Day 2013, and you can subscribe here.

So here’s the plan: at least once a month, I’ll post something here. So vague, so limitless!

This is dedicated to Monica, Carol, and Carla. And also to my 104 buddies: Maria with the cool last name, Kim who stole my job, Kristina who hates monkeys, and Lauren’s Toyota Celica. Oh, and Rachel came up with the blog name. I was about to name it after my old wireless network, Fangwanaland. Or Janimals, because I love animals: dead, alive, furry or not, to eat, skin, or pet.

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